Paddle along the river of Alna

Biking along the river of Alna. Photo: Øyvind Wold
Biking along the river of Alna. Photo: Øyvind Wold

Taking your bike from Ammerud to the Oslo city centre is one of the hidden tracks for biking Oslo.

Øyvind Wold

This is an easy route where you more or less always bike downhill. Along the route you will experience the post war urbanization of Oslo, typical industrial areas and finally, reach the historical Oslo (“Gamle Oslo – “Old Oslo”).

Your tour starts by taking the metro (T-bane) line #5 Vestli to Ammerud station. There’s no problem taking the bike with you, but you have to pay as for a child. It is not recommended to bring your bike with you during the rush hours.

From Ammerud station, you have to bike north along “Ammerudveien” to Lillomarka Barnehage. The path along the river of Alna is well marked and you should not have any problems finding the path.

You will now follow the river downwards switching on both sides of the river. You will pass the metro line (to Grorud) and the Rv4 before you enter Grorudparken.

After Grorudparken the river of Alna “disappear” and you will have to continue on “Grorudveien”. You pass “Østre Aker vei” and enter “Brubakkveien” shortly after Grorud station. Take left and follow the signs towards Oslo city centre.

You have now entered “Alna” and bike along the river of Lo (“Loelva”). Turn left towards the Alfaset graveyard and thereafter on “Strømsveien”. Depart from “Stømsveien” to “Smalvollveien” and you are back on the river of Alna.

You will follow the river of Alna towards Bryn to “Svartdalsparken” before reaching the end of the tour.

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  • Part of the trail near Bryn station. Photo: Øyvind Wold

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