Bike and Dine

You may combine an excellent dining with a beautiful ride along the Oslo eastern coastline.

Steinar Grøtterød

Ingierstrand Bad Restaurant was reopened in 2013. The restaurant has been conserved to the look as it was in the 1930s, but – naturally, the kitchen is modern. Ingierstrand Bad Restaurant is open in the summer time until September.

The start of this route is on Rådhuskaia (The City Hall). You can choose between take the route along the pier and watch the cruise ships, or bike down Rådhusgata. You will soon enter the Oslo Opera and the “barcode”  buildings. You will follow the bike route towards Moss and Ås.

You will follow the bike path along Mosseveien (E18) till Fiskevollbukta. Here the route divide into Ås/Svarttjern and Moss. You should follow the route to Moss towards Hvervenbukta.

If the weather is fine, you may stop for a swim at Hvervenbukta.

Shortly after Hvervenbukta you should depart from Ljansbruksveien and follow Ingierstrandveien. You will easily spot the restaurant on your left hand side. The distance from start to the restaurant is approximately 14 km, but very easy to bike (i.e. no climbing).

There is also a nice beach near the restaurant; Ingierstrand Bad.

You may return the same way or continue to do a longer trip. The GPS track will guide you towards Gjersjøen through an idyllic landscape. You will need to climb some hills.

You will enter Gamle Mosseveien by Gjersjøen. This is the old road to Oslo – “gamle” means old. Here there are less traffic and good conditions for biking.

Photo: Lena Nesset, Eiendoms- og byfornyelsesetaten
Photo: Lena Nesset, Eiendoms- og byfornyelsesetaten

You will return to the same route you biked when going to Ingierstrand Bad and Restaurant, but you should depart towards Ekeberg near Fiskevollbukta.

You’ll have to climb up towards Hauketo. You are now finished with the climbing on this tour and can relax the ride along Ekebergveien and Kongsveien.

If you’re in for another “fine dining” or a beer outside on the terrace, you could stop at Ekeberg Restaurant.

Be careful when you bike down Kongsveien.

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