About Oslo by Bike

OsloBy.Bike is a site dedicated to all who like to explore the city of Oslo and its surrounding by bicycle.

The idea is to explore good bicycle routes using Oslo as the “hub” for the trips.

The routes will include GPS information suitable for downloading to your GPS device or smart phone. With this you can follow the route as instructed by your device.


Øyvind Wold

There is a time to forget your heart rate sensor and your training plan, and instead explore some new paths and enjoy the landscape from your bike.

Øyvind Wold

Øyvind Wold is a well known Norwegian author of books about bicycle tours in Norway. Since 1999 he has published more than 5 books describing bicycle tours around Oslo and the mountain areas in Norway. All articles include maps and great photos, in addition to his great writing.

He is a regular guest writer in Norwegian magazines for outdoor life.

Øyvind Wold’s philosophy is that bike rides should be relaxing.

Øyvind has focused on creating routes not only for well-trained grownup’s but also for kids and youngsters.

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