Following the train track from Movatn

Photo: Øyvind Wold

You will be amazed how short the distance is between wilderness and the urban life in the city centre of Oslo.

Øyvind Wold

After a short trip on the train, you have entered the wilderness that surrounds Oslo and can take your bicycle back to the city centre.

Some planing is needed for this trip; you have to book a ticket for your bicycle in advance. Without a train ticket for your bike, you’ll risk to be standing on the platform when the train departs from Oslo. Booking the ticket is easy – just a phone call to NSB (phone number 815 00 888) is needed and thereafter pick up your reservation at the Oslo Central Station. The line is called “Gjøvikbanen” and you should book a ticket to Movatn station.

The route is easy to follow. From Movatn station you will have to bike a short distance north, then turn east before you enter “Greveveien”. “Greveveien” is the old main road between Hakadal Verk and Hammeren.

You will follow “Greveveien” southward towards Oslo. The track is following the railway.

On your way you will pass “Snippen” and “Sandermosen” station before you enter the lake; “Maridalsvannet”.

This route ends at “Kjelsås” station where you can take your bike on the tram or continue downtown.

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  • Following the railway. Photo: Øyvind Wold

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