Visit Bygdøy by bike

In addition to all the museums and historic places at Bygdøy, the island includes nice beaches and parks. This easy biked route takes you around the island.

  • A quite ride. Photo: Øyvind Wold

The tour starts at near E18 (“Hengesengveien”). From here you bike southeast direction “Frognerkilen”. First stop may be “Oscarhall” – a royal summer palace from 1854. You immediately discover that your tour include farming and cultivated land. For a long time the Royal family has held a farm near Oscarshall.

The route continue to “Norsk Folkemuseum” – Norway’s largest museum of cultural history. This museum is worth more than a short stop, you should spend a full day at this museum that also include the world’s largest open air collections.

Using a bike to discover Bygdøy is one of the most attractive routes for tourists in Oslo.

Øyvind Wold

From the entrance of “Norsk Folkemuseum” this route takes you along “Langviksveien” and “P.T. Mallings vei” down to “Hukodden Strandrestaurant” where you can enjoy some refreshments. The next leg is on the west side of the island following the tracks near the seaside.

“Bygdøy Sjøbad” is still an excellent place for a swim. The beach was opened in 1880. At this time salt water was seen as healthy (it still is!). Of course women and men where separated and the bath was taken in “bowls”. “Bygdøy Sjøbad” is now a national cultural monument.

The final leg is back to the starting point following “Bestumkilen”.

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Things to see and do

In addition to “Norsk Folkemuseum” and “Oscarshall” you may visit one of the following museums;

  • Kon-Tiki Museum: Thor Heyerdal (1914-2002) is one of the most famous Norwegians. His expeditions with Kon-Tiki crossing the Pacific Ocean in 1947 and the “Ra” and “Tigris” are with excellence displayed at the museum. This in addition with his scientific work.
  • Fram Museum“: The museum houses the world famous polar ship; “Fram”. The museum is dedicated to the Norwegian polar explorers.
  • The Viking Ship Museum” were the viking ship “Oseberg”, “Gokstad” and “Tune” is visible.
  • Norwegian Maritime Museum” – The Norwegian maritime Museums exhibits and film focus on important traits of Norwegian and international shipping throughout history.
  • The island is one of the “posh” areas in Oslo and magnificent villas are to be seen. Please respect the privacy.
  • A jungle of small cafe’s, coffee shops and restaurants in all classes.
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