Uphill to Heggelivann

Sometimes you experience that a tough climb in the beginning of a trip is well worth the effort. This tour is an excellent example of such.

Steinar Grøtterød

The trip starts and ends in Sørkedalen. You can bike up from the city center, alternatively take the metro to Røa (line 5 direction Østerås) and bike from there. If you are in position having a car, you can drive to Sørkeldalen skole and park there.

From the parking space, take left and follow the road to the farm. From there the track is marked with signs to Smedmyrkoia and Lysedammen.


The path is graveled and you will need a mountain bike or similar. A professional tips is to reduce the air in your wheels making it possible for a smooth ride through the gravel.

From Lysedammen you will start the climbing up to Heggelivann. It’s about 4 km going upwards, where the hardest part is at the end. At the top you will reach “Søndre Heggelivann”. It may be the time to fill up your water resources (or take a swim).

The return is by Gråseterveien along the lake. A nice downhill ride back to Skansebakken and Sørkeldalen skole.

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Sørkedalen to Heggelivann

Things to do and See

  • Pit stop at Sørkedalen Landhandler & Kafé. It’s recommended to relax at this café after the trip. If the weather is fine, you can enjoy your coffee and Danish pastry in the garden.
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