There is a wide network of bicycle tracks and you can easily spend a day biking.

Øyvind Wold

Until 1998, Fornebo was the main airport for Oslo (IATA name FBU). Also before the time of the demolition of the airport, the peninsular area in the suburban municipality of Bærum has been a recreation area with nice beaches, parks and mansions for wealthy people.

But now you can enjoy a modern living style, architectural office buildings and the silence (no more airplanes!).

Combine your bike ride together with a coffee break at one of the many restaurants, a relaxing bath in the sea or just laying down for a rest in one of the parks.

Fornebulandet has become the “Silicon Valley” of Norway. Well known technology companies like Telenor, Evry, Statoil and HP have their head quarters located here. You may also be able to enter Telenor Arena – the first indoor football arena in Norway. Today it is mostly used for concerts and shows.

The home of Fridtjof Nansen is also located on Fornebu. Fridtjof Nansen is one of the most famous Norwegians being a polar explorer being the first human on the North Pole. In 1922, Nansen was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work for refugees.

This is a very easy route to bike. You can start the trip by taking a train to Lysaker station. From Lysaker station you have to cross the highway (E18) but there are signs so your chance to get lost is minimal. Alternatively you can bike from the centre of Oslo along Frognerkilen and Bestumkilen, passing Skøyen and Vækerø, before entering Lysaker.

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  • Dedicated tracks for bicycling.
    Photo: Øyvind Wold
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