Going downhill from Frognerseteren

Taking the “Holmenkollbanen” to Frognerseteren and bike downhill to Majorstuen is not only an easy ride, but gives you the best photo shoots of Oslo.

If your not in the mood for a hard exercise biking upwards to Frognerseteren, take the Line#1 to the end station and enjoy a fantastic downhill ride to Majorstuen. The ride will take you from approximately 500 meter above sea level to Majorstuen 57 meter above sea level.

There are alternative routes from Frognerseteren back to the city centre, but this is the easiest with 95% downhill.

But do not rush! Start with exploring the Norwegian food traditions at Frognerseteren Restaurant. Traditional stuff like “rømmegrøt (sour cream porridge)”, “kjøttkaker (meat bolls)” and “elg (elk)” is always on the lunch menu. If lunch is too heavy, enjoy a cup of coffee and some Norwegian cakes.

Shortly after you have started the trip downhill, you will see Midtstubakken on the left side. This is K90 ski jumping hill that is also used in the summertime. Riding a little bit more, you will see the “big brother” Holmenkollbakken. It has been competition in ski jumping from 1892, but the present ski jumping hills were modified for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championship in Oslo 2011.

Please be aware that this route is very often being used for training; climbing up to Holmenkollen and returning. Take care and do not speed .

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  • Distance: 9 km
  • Difficulty level: Very Easy. Suitable for children used to bicycling in traffic
  • GPS track: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/11301686
  • Surface: Gravel in the beginning (to Frognerseteren Restaurant), thereafter asphalt




Frognerseteren Restaurant
Frognerseteren Restaurant
Photo: Øyvind Wold
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